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Holy Candy – the Altar of the Superficial
Who Wore it Best?
July 16, 2007

Left: Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger at the Rock&Republic anniversary party in Santa L.A.
Right: The tablecloth my Aunt Anne bought at a church yard sale in Lancaster, PA

Because I’m Addicted
Rocking Your Republic
July 16, 2007

Saturday was quite the beach extravaganza, mitch, michelle and I attended Saturdays (it was Sunday also) rock&republic pool party in honor of their 5th anniversary, makes you feel old doesn’t it? I remember getting my first pair like it was yesterday. Anyway, they rented a sick beach house in santa monica, dj vice was allegedly spinning although we are convinced it was a cd. The pool remained empty most of the day which was odd since the fake boobs were in full force, the long legged models sat in the same corner in the shade while smoking fag after fag. we spent a serious amount of time in the photo booth, you know the ones that prints the 4 little pictures. I love those! The food and drinks were non stop and Andrew Keegan was apparently really hungry, that boy can eat! Poor guy got turned away at the door and then back doored his way in, his life must be in shambles! Taryn manning shoed up in a really hot yellow dress that she had a hard time moving in. long dresses and heels just don’t really mesh well with sand and slippery pool area. I got seriously confused when this guy nikki walked in with his guru that was straight up dressed like a monk, beads and all. I think everyone tripped out. Paris on the other hand did not have any issues rocking out all over the place. She seriously is a ridiculous human being. Mitch got into a fight with Nicole from the pussycat dolls, it was really classic. Home girl really should chill on the blush. Anyway, chris cornell performed as the sun set, it was amazing. I had never been to a concert on the beach but I kind of feel like that may have been my last. All in all this was the 4th of July I’ve never had and always needed.
Ps. Ryan Seacrest needs to lose the nerdy bad shaped sunglasses asap. 3h is the man. Have I name dropped enough for you yet?
Pics will be posted on 944 sometime today.

Entertainment Wise
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Does Paris Have a New Man?
By: Harjeet Mander
July 18, 2007

So she’s out of jail, and she has apparently nabbed herself a new Australian man. Admittedly, he does have a bit of a dodgy hairdo, but Paris Hilton can’t have it all now can she. The man in question is 21-year-old Australian clothing entrepreneur Tyler Atkins reports People. The pair were spotted cuddling on the beach at a private estate- as well as dining on a rather exotic diet of lobster and corn on the cob. Hilton spent much of her time showing off her pooch to her new surfer bum beau and gushed about how much she loves dogs. Later in the night, they spent the night together again, this time at Rock & Republic’s five-year anniversary bash, where the curly blonde Atkins held Paris’s bag and poured her drinks. Atkins is part of the Australian-based clothing and accessories company Rock Stars& Angels. He may be in a fashion industry, but his golden locks look like they need a bit of taming. Perhaps he could collaborate with Paris’s hair extensions company.

Gossip Girls
Lindsay Lohan says Yes to Coke, No To Alcohol
July 22, 2007

On a sunny Malibu Satuday, Lindsay Lohan was spotted doing what she does best – attending a party. This time, the shindig was thrown by designer Rock& Republic at a Malibu beach house.
And Lindsay had reason to celebrate. Rumor had it that the plug was being pulled on her upcoming movie “poor things” as a result of Lilo’s recent legal/image woes. Producer Robert Hickman has cleared the air, stating, “The film has not been canceled. Any rumors saying differently are just that – rumors.”

US Weekly
Lindsay Lohan Staying Sober
July 30, 2007

How did Lindsay Lohan spend her first weekend out of rehab? Hitting the clubs of course. But here’s the catch: the actress, 21, wore an alcohol-monitoring bracelet around her ankle (It’s not court ordered, but coluntary) because, her rep tells Hot Stuff, “she’s committed to her sobriety.” Still, it didn’t dampen her infamous energy. She partied at L.A.’s Les Deux July 13, then flew the next day to Las Vegas to hit Pure club, where she DJ’d alongside her attorney Mike Heller and magician Criss Angel, with whom she was spotted holding hands. “They like each other,” says a source. Her spree continued on July 15 at the Rock & Republic 5th Anniversary Party in Santa Monica, California, where she sipped an energy drink as she danced. Alas, says a witness, “she left at a reasonable hour!”

In Touch Weekly
Brooke Rocks!
July 30, 2007

Loud electric guitars don’t immediately come to mind when you think of Brooke Shields, but the mom of two had a blast at Rock& Republic’s five-year anniversary party inSanta Monica on July 15. “She was in great spirits, playing with her kids and chatting with friends,” says a fellow partygoer.