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November 19, 2009
Low Key Lindsay Lohan Enjoys Katy Perry Party

Seems like Lindsay Lohan misses kissing girls! The beleaguered Lolita had a VIP table front and center at Katy Perry’s concert at Hollywood’s Boulevard 3 on the night of Wednesday November 18, and was on unusually good behavior. “She was drinking water all night and hanging out with a friend from Alcoholics Anonymous and a few others who were drinking wine,” an eyewitness tells But Lohan substituted her substance addiction with her Blackberry addiction. “The whole group was texting almost the whole time. They hardly even spoke to each other.”

When Lilo did speak it was to Stephanie Pratt. New BFF alert? “They were very chummy all night. At one point during the show red confetti shot out from everywhere, and Stephanie and Lindsay were picking up hand fulls and putting it in each other’s hair.”

When Lindsay wasn’t shampooing with confetti or texting, she was smoking Parliaments lights. “But I was surprised at how happy and healthy she looked,” the eyewitness tells “She seemed like she was having a good time and she was sober. Most of her friends were sober too, which is a good sign.”

When Katy played her highly anticipated I Kissed a Girl, Lindsay’s friends had a good old time hazing her. “They all pointed at her and started laughing. One stood up on the booth and started mussing Lindsay’s hair. Lindsay crawled up in the fetal position and hid her face, but when she came up she was laughing. She then proceeded to sing the rest of the song with a girlfriend at the top of her lungs. It was like a side-concert.”

Another problem drinker enjoying the show was Jesse Metcalfe. When Katy sang her song You’re so Gay, she said “This is to all the actors in LA I should not have hooked up with,” Jesse yelled, “Hey, You haven’t hooked up with me yet!”

Lauren Conrad was taking in the concert as if she was at the ballet. “She was very composed, sipping white wine and golf-clapping when something was too her liking. It did not go with her leather mini skirt or fire engine red lipstick. She was dressed like a party girl but acting like a lady who lunches.” Boyfriend Kyle Howard was with her, but they did not interact much.

Mel B and Stephan Belafonte came for the appetizers. The cuddly pair spent the first hour touring the concessions stand set up by Samsung. “They had shrimp, ice cream and jelly beans then they pretty much took off. They looked like two high school kids. They were all over each other, giggling, laughing, hands roaming. Looks like it’s still hot between them!”

Also in the house, Stacy Keibler with boyfriend George Stultz, and Karina Smirnof

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